If we see what is not there, what is it that we are really seeing?

A human? A shadow? A relationship?

Is it one or two? Are they together or not?

Is it a fantasy or reality?

Am I living in the present or the past?

Can I trust what I’m seeing? Should I trust what I’m feeling?

Lauren Scott

Lauren Scott

Don’t Ask Why’s premier production Gestalt explores relationships and how individual pieces, in relation to one another, create a perceived whole. Gestalt begins where visual concepts intersect with the psychological approach.

In this production, perspectives converge with American and Italian movement artists speaking the same language. Avery-Jai’s choreography combines with Brittany Padilla’s original sound composition and Korey-Elizabeth’s visual aesthetic. At this vertex, Don’t Ask Why and Keyhole Dance Project from Padua, Italy will experience and interact with Gestalt in a live performance.

Like organizing tetris pieces or configuring a rubix cube, everyday we are trying to make sense of things, gain understanding, create meaning. In Gestalt, our objective is not to give answers. Instead, we are in pursuit of how to move through the pieces without asking why.